Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie night 11/30/08...was just thinking about it today.

Nate and I decided to go out tonight. We went to the dollar theater in Sandy, it cost a dollar seventy five to get in. I didn't feel like taking my purse to this particular event so I just grabbed my debit card and my drivers license and stuffed them in my back pocket.
So we are sitting in the movie theater waiting for it to start and then all the sudden I have to urge to go potty. I make my way into the restroom and pick the second stall on the left. I close the door and shimmy my pants off my hips just to hear a plop, plop... 2 plops! My cards!! the ones that I stuffed into my back pocket!!! What am I going to do with my cards floating around in a public toilet?! Lucky for me the toilet is not an automatic flusher.
My debit card happened to be floating on top and was a fairly easy recovery, but as for my license, it sunk straight to the dirty bottom! You know, nestled quite nicely right in the catcher. I make my way to the very top of the water several times to dive my way to the bottom but I just can't do it. I end up jumping back and shaking my hands as if I had actually touched the water, but I hadn't. So I start looking around the stall frantically looking for something to reach in there with or atleast to cover my hand up with something to retrieve my license. I look in the feminine hygiene box and see that it is chuck full but these dang females happened to miss the box liner completely. This is my luck day! A full box but an empty bag! Yes! I grab the bag and push my hand to the bottom of the infested, public throne and finally, with some coaxing,I retrieve my license. Whew! it's over, now I can go potty. So I do. Then, I grab my now infested cards and wash my hands and my cards and then make my way over to the air hand dryer and dry them all off and then make my way back to the theater room in quite a hurry so I can die laughing while telling Nate of my lovely escapades.
By the way, I seriously think this would be a halarious silent film! One day it wil be done...one day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Before I get into what I've been thinking about lately I want to tell you that both Nathan and I auditioned for Pickleville Playhouse(in bear lake)! It's a fun western playhouse that you can also get a western cookout dinner before the show. They are performing 2 shows this summer. One is a mellow drama called El Bandito Rides Again which is written by a guy in our ward. He's young and talented and does a fantastic job writing the script and music for it! It is one HALARIOUS show! The other show they are doing is Crazy For You from broadway! It's a fun show and I hopwe get to be in it! Nathan and I both made call backs and went through a long callback process of dancing and acting. There was a lot of great talent there and I felt pretty cool acting and singing with such talented people! This is so on my bucket list to be in a play and even better that it could hopefully be in a playhouse that plays the whole summer long! We will find out by the end of next week if we got a part in the play or not.

O.K. so I was reading a friends blog today and came across this video. Well, actually it's a girl who Nate use to date and her and her hubby are struggling with infertility and I have other friends who suffer from infertility as well. Then I got to thinking that I have 3 beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous sons!!! Yes they came fast and close together but I LOVE it!! I don't have any problem with it they are my life! This all made me think about when I am talking to someone and tell them that I have three boys (in 4 and a half years) and they make comments about how I am a fertile mertile or how bold it was of me to do that or "what were you thinking?" I've decided from now on I will let them know that I am proud that I have 3 sons and I wouldn't have any other way instead of letting them make thier comments and wishing, later, that I would've said something. I am grateful everyday for my children and I ache and feel for the couples that aren't able to concieve...I can't imagine the aching, the longing, the dissapointment, the hurt, the challenges and much, much more that they go through.- Also I don't want to forget the girls and guys that make such a selfless decision to place thier babies for adoption!-


So this week a young 16 year old boy passed away. I do not personally know him but my manager does and he and his brothers use to come in to Dollar Cuts and get thier hair cut and they also use to do something with flyers and Dollar Cuts(I'm not too sure). But this young boy had just gotten his license and on this particular night he got in a fight with his mom and took off in the family suburban. The mom called police concerned for her son and when the police man found a vehicle matching the descrption that the mom had given, the police man turned on his lights and attempted to pull him over. At that point the young boy sped up and tried to elude the officer and took a right turn going aroung 65-75 pmh causing the vehicle to roll 5-6 times and he was ejected halfway through the rolls (he later died in SLC). This young boy's father happened to be in Colorado at the time and couldn't fly home to see his dying son because of a snow storm so he rented a car and attempted to make this long and grueling trip home by car through stromy weather. He made it to Wyoming and was not able to go further due to road closures. This poor family is seperated in this time of grief and there is nothing they can do but wait for the weather to clear up. Well, the funeral was Saturday and my manager told me of a some things that were said and this next bit I about to tell you struck me so hard! (I will try to tell it to the best of my knowledge) About 2 years ago this couple had a premonition that they would lose a son...then about a week or so prior to this 16 your boy dying this father had another premonition that they would lose a son and it was going to be soon. This premonition was so strong that he collapsed to the floor and sobbed! He went on to say that everynight he and his wife pray to the Lord that they will do ANYTHING for the Lord's will to be done, they will do anything to do His work, that they are committed to him! And as this father was in colorado and heard the news of the accident and can't fly out to his family so he rents a car trying to get home... alone.... through threcherous blizzardy conditions aching for his son,his wife, his family, knowing that they are trying to keep his son on life support till he gets there.... this voice said to him, "you said anything!" I believe they had to let his son go before he got there. People have asked what they can do for the family and the only thing that he asks is that you find one thing to make better in your life...one thing to fix/ to work on and write them about it and so they can read it and help cope with the loss of thier son.
How many times do we say we will do anything for the Lord or 'make a deal' or whatever it may be and we don't hold our end of the bargain? What about our spiritual commitments that we have made with the Lord? Again, as I posted in an earlier post, may we have the courage to do what is right and may we be blessed with the courage to accept His will!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am so happy to announce that Nathan told me that I needed to finally plan a girls night! He told me to just drive to Idaho Falls and he would saty home and watch the boys! So I did! I planend a girls night and I will be there Friday for it. It will be a nice outing with the ladies and a sleepover. I never been to a more fun sleepover than wiht GROWN LADIES!! It so beets the younger days! I reccomend it!

I've also recently changed my hair so here's a pic. I do it all myself and we all know I change it all the time...so no surprise there- this will be fun for a while!

My babies

I was just thinking today about my boys as babies and I wondered how much thier baby pictures look alike.




Monday, March 1, 2010

Boys! Boys! Boys!

I just realized that the pics on my blog are pretty much consumed by boys!!! And that is the story of my life! Boys, boys, boys, boys BOYS!!! So many boys! It's a good thing I like them but I am craving a girls night out! Maybe I should plan on going to Idaho and have a girls night in the next couple of weeks. That would be cool! Anyone know of a good movie that is out or coming out that we can have a girls night to?

Nathans Barbershop Quartet

Nathan started up a barbershop quartet this semester, the A-chords! They have done well, have done some gigs and got paid for them! They were able to purchase tux vests, ties, and shnazzy jackets and had money left over to purchase music!

This is a good picture of Nate! I love it!

From left to right: Nathan: tenor, James: lead, Max: bass, Jaron: baritone

They look so shnazzy!


We got a new used piano the other day!! Nathan wants to start up piano lessons in the fall. We've already had some people show interest. It will be good for him to do that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm ready to live not only survive
I'm ready to dance like no ones watching
Climb a mountain, kiss the sky, then do it all again!
I'm ready to love like I've never been hurt
Ready to sing like no ones listening
watch more sunsets, see the world
If not now...when?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is a long post!

This is our first real post since living in Logan! Nathan is doing well in school and we are just living a busy family life!
I have been looking for a job and have had no luck getting one. I am officially licensed in Utah as a cosmetologist and I can't find a salon that wants to hire me. So I started exploring other job options and found that the plasma center here is short staffed and are hiring right now! So I applied to four of the five positions posted and went in and hand delivered my cover letter and resume and they called me today to set up an interview for Monday! I don't think I have ever been so excited for an interview!! I usually interview so well and the past interviews I have had have gone terrible and I have been nervous and I've had really bad luck. With this job at the plasma center they will train me to be a phlebotomist, if I get the job! I contemplated phlebotomy at one point in the last year or so but just don't have the time or money for it but it would be perfect if they will train me on the job at the plasma center!! I hope I have an awesome interview! Wish me luck!
We are enjoying Logan and living away 'on our own'. (so to say) We've had a rough time since moving here but things seem to go well for us as long as we keep paying our tithing! Which reminds me.....I want talk about trials! This is something important that I have learned and I thank the Lord for it! The Lord allows trials for us to endure. I have reacted in different ways to certain trials. There have been trials where I regret to say that I have been ungrateful and angry with the Lord. Downright and unfair just mad at the Lord. I was WRONG!!!(OBVIOUSLY!) That was a humbling trial. I needed to be humbled! There are trials that we are supposed to learn something from and then I discovered a new trial.....at times I have thought about faith...do I have enough....what is faith really? I always knew I had faith and it is all I can muster but is it really enough? It made me think of the man that took his afflicted son to Jesus and Jesus asked the man if he had faith enough for his son to be healed and the father answered,"help thou my unbelief."
Well, back in November I awoke one day and my whole abdomen hurt. I know now that it was pancreatis and gallstones! Along with this extreme abdominal pain I had this painful pressure right where your ribs meet in the middle front of your chest. It hurt so bad just to breath and all I could do was take shallow breaths. I was also nauseous, like a painful nausea, it just hurt and then I had extreme pain just off to the right just under my ribs. I couldn't even hold Hadyn it was so bad. This condition came and went over a period of three or four days some times being more extreme than others. I had no idea what was wrong and thought it was weird and if it persisted then I would see the doctor. I had told mom of my symptoms and she said that she had had that breathing problem about 3 times in her whole life and that if it persisted then I should go get some anti-inflammatory medicine. Well, it went away and I soon forgot about it. Then exactly 3 weeks later on a Sunday I was hyper and happy and having fun with my boys and then all of the sudden I started to feel nauseous and withing 10 minutes I was in extreme pain and couldn't hardly breath! I took a high dose of pain meds and soaked in the tub till they kicked in. Nate just happened to be at work. Luckily this attack only lasted about 4 hours but I told Nate that I wasn't going through that again and told him I was going right to the doc the next day, Monday. I ended up just picking a doc out of the phone book, which I love! He is actually a nurse practitioner. I went to the appointment and he told me that I had all the classic symptoms of gallstones! he set me up for an ultrasound on Wednesday. i went to the ultra sound and when they showed me my gallbladder the stones looked all lined up like peas in a pea pod! I got positive results the next day and I also just so happened to have another severe attack that just wouldn't let up and this time I went to the ER for pain meds. The doctor in the ER said that he had called the surgeon and that I was to immediately go see him the next day, Thursday. So I called and was insistent that I got in to see the surgeon and I really think that it was by some small miracle that I got in. I went to the surgeon and got blood work done and set up an appointment to have surgery done the following Thursday. I went home and about 5:00pm that night I got a call from the surgeon saying that my bile levels were high and he thinks I had a gallstone blockage and that I needed to go to the ER and be admitted and have surgery by the next day. he called ER and I went as soon as I could. Nate dropped me off, took the boys back home and where he left the boys with a sweet sister in our ward. Nate came back to the hospital for a bit and then I believe Nate stayed the night at home and took the boys to Darin and Keturah's the next day where they were so willing to watch them till mom came and picked them up and took them to Idaho for a week. I just chuckle every time I think about anybody taking my boys for a week! It's physically exhausting with just with my boys being so big! Not to mention everything else! Poor mom and Eliza! Anyway, Friday came and they couldn't do surgery on me cause my bile levels and/or liver enzymes were still too high and it wouldn't be safe enough. So we wait another day. Saturday doc comes in and I tell him that my whole abdomen hurt and he said that that was pancreatitis and it was definitely not safe to do surgery on me and to wait another day! I asked him if I could go home till the pancreatitis went away and he smirked at me and No! NO! you stay right here as long as you have pancreatitis! Apparently it's a serious condition! ha! ha! So I received a blessing that day and I remember it said "may you be healed according to your faith". Up to that point I never had once questioned the Lord and I told myself that for whatever reason that I had this trial I was going to pass through it with flying colors and show the Lord that I HAD FAITH! Little did I know, I really think that the Lord was showing me that I had enough faith! I believe that the Lord gave me that trial in answer to my question, "Do I have enough faith?" So I lay in the hospital bed with pancreatitis and am expecting at least 2-3 days to heal from it and the surgeon walks in that hospital room the very next morning, Sunday, with his eyes wide open and with a shocked look on his face he said,"That is one of the fastest turn arounds I have ever seen from pancreatitis. You are all clear for surgery!" They prepped me and wheeled me in and did the surgery and I went home the next day!(Monday) I never questioned the Lord and I know that I do have enough faith. That almost sounds wierd to say ENOUGH faith. I'll change it to say that I have whole hearted faith in the Lord!
On a side note:
Nate and I are teachers for the 13 year olds at church and I just keep repeating myself all the time that I just truly hope and pray that they have the courage to do what is right! May we all have the COURAGE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!
Another thing I want to pass along from a friend of mine that has endured years of infertility is- TO HAVE THE COURAGE TO ACCEPT THY WILL!! Whatever life may dish out, may we all have the courage to accept Thy will!
May the Lord bless and lead you through this life and may his blessing especially flow in times of need, trial, comfort or whatever it may be!