Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie night 11/30/08...was just thinking about it today.

Nate and I decided to go out tonight. We went to the dollar theater in Sandy, it cost a dollar seventy five to get in. I didn't feel like taking my purse to this particular event so I just grabbed my debit card and my drivers license and stuffed them in my back pocket.
So we are sitting in the movie theater waiting for it to start and then all the sudden I have to urge to go potty. I make my way into the restroom and pick the second stall on the left. I close the door and shimmy my pants off my hips just to hear a plop, plop... 2 plops! My cards!! the ones that I stuffed into my back pocket!!! What am I going to do with my cards floating around in a public toilet?! Lucky for me the toilet is not an automatic flusher.
My debit card happened to be floating on top and was a fairly easy recovery, but as for my license, it sunk straight to the dirty bottom! You know, nestled quite nicely right in the catcher. I make my way to the very top of the water several times to dive my way to the bottom but I just can't do it. I end up jumping back and shaking my hands as if I had actually touched the water, but I hadn't. So I start looking around the stall frantically looking for something to reach in there with or atleast to cover my hand up with something to retrieve my license. I look in the feminine hygiene box and see that it is chuck full but these dang females happened to miss the box liner completely. This is my luck day! A full box but an empty bag! Yes! I grab the bag and push my hand to the bottom of the infested, public throne and finally, with some coaxing,I retrieve my license. Whew! it's over, now I can go potty. So I do. Then, I grab my now infested cards and wash my hands and my cards and then make my way over to the air hand dryer and dry them all off and then make my way back to the theater room in quite a hurry so I can die laughing while telling Nate of my lovely escapades.
By the way, I seriously think this would be a halarious silent film! One day it wil be done...one day!

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The Partridge Family said...

Hahahaha! That is fabulous. Iagree that it would be a good silent film. Im glad you finally retreived them.