Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Atonement

SO a friend posted a link on facebook abou this guy talking about the Atonement and i thought he described it in the best way I have ever heard.
I have read a few books on using the Atonement for spiritual purposes but how? How exactly do you use it...it almost just seem like such a big concept yet so simple really. And a lot of times I am pleading with the Lord for help I completely forget about using the Atonement to help me through so I thought that I would post what this guys says cause it makes so much sense, atleast to me it does:
(he's talking about his sturggle with cancer(but it applies to much much more!))
"After many days of this anxiety, I finally made a heartfelt appeal on my knees. I told God that I was fairly certain of the process for making His son’s atonement work for me in the expurgation of my sins, but that I was at a total loss as to how the atonement worked in the deliverance from the pain and sorrow and grief of every day heartaches and other illnesses of the soul that come, not because of sin or rebellion, but because of ... well, just because.

“I am unaware of any process to put into play here, Father. How is it accomplished? I’ve been taught that the atonement covers this sort of thing. But how? What do I do? What do I do?”

After a bit of consideration, I said, “Here’s what I think–I hope–will work. I’m going to take all this worry–this pain–this anxiety, all this fear and terror, and roll it all up into a ball and I’m going to toss it up to you. Will that work? Is that all I need to do? Because I don’t think I can get through another day like this. I’m kinda goin’ crazy here and I need to get rid of this stuff. So, here–here it is, take it. I’m tossing it as high as I can. Please catch it. It’s yours now.”

And I did it. I rolled it all up and threw it into the air. At least I pictured myself doing that. Then I took a deep breath and went to work.

And then it was as if a gentle rain followed me everywhere I went that day. The mud and muck of fear and uncertainty dissolved under that warm and friendly downpour slowly but persistently as the day went on. And by the time I went to bed that night my heart and my mind were calm and peaceful.

Turns out, Jesus is pretty good at a game of catch. But it’s a short game. He doesn’t toss the ball back."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie night 11/30/08...was just thinking about it today.

Nate and I decided to go out tonight. We went to the dollar theater in Sandy, it cost a dollar seventy five to get in. I didn't feel like taking my purse to this particular event so I just grabbed my debit card and my drivers license and stuffed them in my back pocket.
So we are sitting in the movie theater waiting for it to start and then all the sudden I have to urge to go potty. I make my way into the restroom and pick the second stall on the left. I close the door and shimmy my pants off my hips just to hear a plop, plop... 2 plops! My cards!! the ones that I stuffed into my back pocket!!! What am I going to do with my cards floating around in a public toilet?! Lucky for me the toilet is not an automatic flusher.
My debit card happened to be floating on top and was a fairly easy recovery, but as for my license, it sunk straight to the dirty bottom! You know, nestled quite nicely right in the catcher. I make my way to the very top of the water several times to dive my way to the bottom but I just can't do it. I end up jumping back and shaking my hands as if I had actually touched the water, but I hadn't. So I start looking around the stall frantically looking for something to reach in there with or atleast to cover my hand up with something to retrieve my license. I look in the feminine hygiene box and see that it is chuck full but these dang females happened to miss the box liner completely. This is my luck day! A full box but an empty bag! Yes! I grab the bag and push my hand to the bottom of the infested, public throne and finally, with some coaxing,I retrieve my license. Whew! it's over, now I can go potty. So I do. Then, I grab my now infested cards and wash my hands and my cards and then make my way over to the air hand dryer and dry them all off and then make my way back to the theater room in quite a hurry so I can die laughing while telling Nate of my lovely escapades.
By the way, I seriously think this would be a halarious silent film! One day it wil be done...one day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Before I get into what I've been thinking about lately I want to tell you that both Nathan and I auditioned for Pickleville Playhouse(in bear lake)! It's a fun western playhouse that you can also get a western cookout dinner before the show. They are performing 2 shows this summer. One is a mellow drama called El Bandito Rides Again which is written by a guy in our ward. He's young and talented and does a fantastic job writing the script and music for it! It is one HALARIOUS show! The other show they are doing is Crazy For You from broadway! It's a fun show and I hopwe get to be in it! Nathan and I both made call backs and went through a long callback process of dancing and acting. There was a lot of great talent there and I felt pretty cool acting and singing with such talented people! This is so on my bucket list to be in a play and even better that it could hopefully be in a playhouse that plays the whole summer long! We will find out by the end of next week if we got a part in the play or not.

O.K. so I was reading a friends blog today and came across this video. Well, actually it's a girl who Nate use to date and her and her hubby are struggling with infertility and I have other friends who suffer from infertility as well. Then I got to thinking that I have 3 beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous sons!!! Yes they came fast and close together but I LOVE it!! I don't have any problem with it they are my life! This all made me think about when I am talking to someone and tell them that I have three boys (in 4 and a half years) and they make comments about how I am a fertile mertile or how bold it was of me to do that or "what were you thinking?" I've decided from now on I will let them know that I am proud that I have 3 sons and I wouldn't have any other way instead of letting them make thier comments and wishing, later, that I would've said something. I am grateful everyday for my children and I ache and feel for the couples that aren't able to concieve...I can't imagine the aching, the longing, the dissapointment, the hurt, the challenges and much, much more that they go through.- Also I don't want to forget the girls and guys that make such a selfless decision to place thier babies for adoption!-


So this week a young 16 year old boy passed away. I do not personally know him but my manager does and he and his brothers use to come in to Dollar Cuts and get thier hair cut and they also use to do something with flyers and Dollar Cuts(I'm not too sure). But this young boy had just gotten his license and on this particular night he got in a fight with his mom and took off in the family suburban. The mom called police concerned for her son and when the police man found a vehicle matching the descrption that the mom had given, the police man turned on his lights and attempted to pull him over. At that point the young boy sped up and tried to elude the officer and took a right turn going aroung 65-75 pmh causing the vehicle to roll 5-6 times and he was ejected halfway through the rolls (he later died in SLC). This young boy's father happened to be in Colorado at the time and couldn't fly home to see his dying son because of a snow storm so he rented a car and attempted to make this long and grueling trip home by car through stromy weather. He made it to Wyoming and was not able to go further due to road closures. This poor family is seperated in this time of grief and there is nothing they can do but wait for the weather to clear up. Well, the funeral was Saturday and my manager told me of a some things that were said and this next bit I about to tell you struck me so hard! (I will try to tell it to the best of my knowledge) About 2 years ago this couple had a premonition that they would lose a son...then about a week or so prior to this 16 your boy dying this father had another premonition that they would lose a son and it was going to be soon. This premonition was so strong that he collapsed to the floor and sobbed! He went on to say that everynight he and his wife pray to the Lord that they will do ANYTHING for the Lord's will to be done, they will do anything to do His work, that they are committed to him! And as this father was in colorado and heard the news of the accident and can't fly out to his family so he rents a car trying to get home... alone.... through threcherous blizzardy conditions aching for his son,his wife, his family, knowing that they are trying to keep his son on life support till he gets there.... this voice said to him, "you said anything!" I believe they had to let his son go before he got there. People have asked what they can do for the family and the only thing that he asks is that you find one thing to make better in your life...one thing to fix/ to work on and write them about it and so they can read it and help cope with the loss of thier son.
How many times do we say we will do anything for the Lord or 'make a deal' or whatever it may be and we don't hold our end of the bargain? What about our spiritual commitments that we have made with the Lord? Again, as I posted in an earlier post, may we have the courage to do what is right and may we be blessed with the courage to accept His will!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am so happy to announce that Nathan told me that I needed to finally plan a girls night! He told me to just drive to Idaho Falls and he would saty home and watch the boys! So I did! I planend a girls night and I will be there Friday for it. It will be a nice outing with the ladies and a sleepover. I never been to a more fun sleepover than wiht GROWN LADIES!! It so beets the younger days! I reccomend it!

I've also recently changed my hair so here's a pic. I do it all myself and we all know I change it all the time...so no surprise there- this will be fun for a while!

My babies

I was just thinking today about my boys as babies and I wondered how much thier baby pictures look alike.




Monday, March 1, 2010

Boys! Boys! Boys!

I just realized that the pics on my blog are pretty much consumed by boys!!! And that is the story of my life! Boys, boys, boys, boys BOYS!!! So many boys! It's a good thing I like them but I am craving a girls night out! Maybe I should plan on going to Idaho and have a girls night in the next couple of weeks. That would be cool! Anyone know of a good movie that is out or coming out that we can have a girls night to?

Nathans Barbershop Quartet

Nathan started up a barbershop quartet this semester, the A-chords! They have done well, have done some gigs and got paid for them! They were able to purchase tux vests, ties, and shnazzy jackets and had money left over to purchase music!

This is a good picture of Nate! I love it!

From left to right: Nathan: tenor, James: lead, Max: bass, Jaron: baritone

They look so shnazzy!