Friday, May 22, 2009

35 weeks

So I got my cervix checked again and I am still the same but what the doctor didn't tell me last week was that I was 60% effaced. He said it was no bog deal, which he's right, but it's nice to know what's really going on with my cervix. I have dropped and he's head down he's not going anywhere and he's ready to go.
Doctor asked me when I wanted to have Hadyn and I said I would atleast like to have him a week early. And when he left the room he said," O.K. the 15th"(of June) SO I guess we're atleast planning on the 15th of June. Wierd!
It's been real great being pregnant with Hadyn. He is the calmest baby I have felt. He has yet to have a kicking spree just soft calm movements. It's so enjoyable! He has had the hiccups a few time simce aobut 34 weeks but because of the position that he is in I have to really try to pay attention because it is really soft. I think he just might be my most mellow baby yet! I just can't explain how calm he really is! Infact he so calm that if it wasn't normal for him to be this calm I would be worrying.
Anyway, I've got another appointment next Thursday at 2:00.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

34 weeks

So today I went to the doctor and just so you know every time I go I am almost to the next week so like today I am 34 almost 35 weeks (on Sunday). So it just helps move thing along a little faster with me being almost to the next week.
Anyway, Doc. did my Strep B culture and checked my cervix. I am dilated to a 1 but not effaced. My cervix is still pretty thick. Which things could stay this way till I am 40 weeks. It' just weird to think that if I go into labor in a week, they won't stop it. And in 2 weeks I am considered full term!
I am on weekly visits now so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I had to add a few more pregnant pics that I liked better than the others.
So lately we've just been living life. Nate got accepted to USU and we will move to Logan sometime after the baby is born and before the fall semester starts. We are excited!
Hyrum and Jesse seem to be going through a tantrum stage and it's kind of frustrating but they are doing well with learning about the new baby. Hyrum sometimes will randomly talk about Hadyn and when I ask Jesse where the baby is he says," Baybu" then lifts up my shirts pokes my belly button and gives it lots of kisses! It's way cute!
I am doing well in this pregnancy. I started out 20 lbs heavier but I will/should end at the same weight that I ended at in my previous 2 pregnancies which were the same as well. I gained 45 lbs in the other 2 and this one I will gain 25 to 30 lbs. And it's summer time so I should be able to get out more than I did in November with the other 2.
I am now 34 weeks, I have an appointment on thursday the 14th where I will be tested for strep B. I don't know if he will check my cervix then or not and from there he may schedule me for my last 2 week check up or I might be going in every weeks from there on out. I just can't remember. I am going to the same Doc that delivered Hyrum.
The only difference in this pregnancy is that I am having braxton hicks. I don't remember every having them with my other 2. At the moment I haven't felt any for about the last week or so but for a while there they seemed to come often and one day they were very frequent and hard and lasted all day long and when I went to bed they woke me up a few times out of my sleep. But it has settled down a lot, which is good. I am taking red rasberry and black cohosh pills to help soften my cervix. It's wierd to think that I could safely deliver in just less than 3 weeks when I will be 37 weeks and considered full term. I probably won't deliver but I could.
Hyrum is enjoying primary and Jesse will go to nursery in 2 Sundays! We are so excited for that!
I think it will be fun and will help me to get on more frequently if I copy my cousin Travis' wife Jenny and do a post after all my doc visits from here on out. So keep checking the blog now and I promise to post a lot more frequently.


34 weeks pregnant